How to nail a perfect bathroom design plan?

When planning a bathroom, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to tie themselves up in knots. Why? Because there’s an untold number of questions to answer, decisions to make, and building codes to comply with. Most throw in the towel as soon as they haphazardly try to go into detail. But are you really ready to give up the idea of having a picture-perfect place just because bathroom design space planning is hard? Of course, you’re not. Sorting things out is way easier when doing that in a well-organized manner. Go one step at a time to get closer to your dream bathroom.
Step 1. Layouts and bathroom addition plans
To begin with, choose your bathroom layout. It depends on the square footage and the type of your place. The following 5 options prove to work best for most homeowners: 
* three-in-a-row design with one-wall plumbing
* hotel-like look with a counter opposite to a tub 
* cross-bath layout with multiple walls 
* angular design with more corners and more floor space 
* full-bath layout that includes a tub and a shower enclosure 
You should also consider sticking to one of the universal-design bathroom plans. This concept comes down to ensuring that the place is comfortable for everyone – adults, kids, people with disabilities, the elderly, etc. If a universal-design bathroom plan makes sense in your situation, take great pains to widen the doorway, free up the floor space, and opt for a full bath.

Step 2. Things that will be in your bathroom
Once the layout is selected, proceed to decide what will go into it. This is where you should make up your mind about:
* bathtub, shower enclosure, or both 
* one or two sink areas
* bathroom vanity 
* medicine cabinet
* mirror
* extra shelving or other storage solutions 
Think through everything you want to fit into to avoid remodels with bathroom addition plans in the future. They may be all too costly to carry out over and over again.
Step 3. Interior design style
Now your bathroom design space planning brings you to the décor stage. Beware that it’s a huge step that involves a lot of thinking. Try to avoid being snowed under with all those colors, themes, wall paint shades, and fittings. What may help you get over with this is looking for pictures and décor ideas on the web. Take a glance at those that tickle your fancy and find out what style it is. Most likely, you will arrive at one of the following bathroom designs:
* traditional 
* modern 
* contemporary
* beach style 
* tropical 
* Mediterranean
* eclectic 
* farmhouse
* industrial
Step 4. Expert assistance
So, you’re sure about the layout, furnishings, and style. Now you need someone who can bring your dream bathroom design plan into reality unless you have skills to do this on your own. Professional designers, like Crafts Mills Cabinetry, will make sure your plan is viable. We’ll also check with your local building codes to avoid potential violations. Once it’s neat and polished on paper, we’ll put it into practice!